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The Indian Penal Code,1860 is said to be the backbone of criminal law in India. The Code of Criminal Procedure,1973  and Indian Evidence Act governs the procedural aspects of the criminal law

"A.P Singh has a proven reputation for being among the top-rated criminal lawyers in Noida. He brings a thorough knowledge of the law, attention to detail, and genuine concern for his clients to each case. He represents his clients before the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, and District Courts. A.P Singh nearly deals and represents his clients in all areas on criminal laws like Bail matters, F.I.R quashes, Charge sheet Quash, Anticipatory Bail, regular bails, Criminal defamation, Criminal writ petitions, White-collar crime, Customs and excise cases, Income tax cases, Cheque Bounce cases, and others cases.

A.P Singh dedication, work ethic, and devotion to his clients have resulted in consistently great results. He holds vast experience in criminal laws. He is referred to as one of the best criminal lawyers in Noida.  A.P Singh and his team collaborate to effectively handle the most complex legal matters for their clients at Noida.


  • Regular Bail,

  • Cyber Crime,

  • Matrimonial cases,

  • Protest application,

  • Anticipatory bails,

  • Criminal Revision,

  • Caveat,

  • White-Collar Crime,

  • Criminal Defamation,

  • Criminal writ petitions,

  • F.I.R quashing before High Court,

  • An application under Section 156(3),

  • Charge sheet Quashing before High Court,

  • Representing client throughout the trial process,

  • Special leave Petition (Criminal) before Supreme Court of India,


To book a meeting with A.P Singh criminal lawyer in Noida to discuss your case in a detailed manner, contact us via phone or email.

·Phone: (+91) 8010666660


It is advised to bring all relevant documents and papers at the time of appointment with A.P Singh. If you are facing criminal charges, it is highly important to have the essential representation of a professional criminal lawyer immediately.  our Criminal lawyer in Noida shall assist you, to ensure you are treated fairly under the criminal justice system of Noida.

Q & A

1.What is the difference main between a non-cognizable offense and a cognizable offense?

Cognizable offense means an offense in which a police officer may arrest the accused without a warrant and in the case of non-cognizable offense means a case in which a police officer has no authority to arrest the accused without a warrant.

2. How much does a criminal lawyer charge for bail in Noida?

There are no specific fees for appearing before court for bail matters as each case's complexities and facts are different. The lawyer fees are heavily dependent upon facts of the F.I.R and evidence.

3. Where will I go if I am arrested by the police?

In most cases, the police shall present the accused before the Magistrate having the jurisdiction in the case within 24 hours after arrest. No police officer shall detain any accused arrested for more than twenty-four hours except special order of a magistrate under section 167, exceed 24 hours exclusive of the time necessary for the journey from the place of arrests to the magistrate Court.  

4. What are the A.P Singh lawyer fees?

One common question asked from many clients about A.P Singh lawyer fees. The fees of A.P Singh lawyer are not fixed as each case has its own facts, grounds, evidence, circumstances, and stage. There are so many variables in criminal law that it is difficult to assess all of the fees for the whole process. However, the fees of A.P Singh lawyer are reasonably nominal.   

5. What are my remedies if the police refuse to register my  F.I.R?

The aggrieved person may file an application under section 156(3) of CRPC before any magistrate empowered under section 190. The magistrate may direct investigation and the police officer shall register an F.I.R after the direction.

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