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Reviewing the Laws

The institution of marriage occupies an important role in society. Marriage is a sacred relationship between husband and wife for ages. It may be a beautiful association amongst most couples but for a few, it can be a nightmare.  There may be many reasons for divorce like mental or physical cruelty, desertion from any spouse, Insanity, lack of behavior compatibility, Adultery, religious conversion, renounced the world by entering into any religious order, and suffering from any form of venereal disease. Divorce is a painful situation for couples but sometimes it's inevitable and requires a professional lawyer's advice.  A.P Singh is one of the best divorce lawyers in Noida, Delhi who advises and represent his clients on various aspects of rights and remedies under the Special Marriage Act, Succession Act, and laws of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis in regard to divorce, alimony, maintenance, inheritance, custody, and guardianship of children.


The  A.P Singh is known for dealing with vexed divorce disputes fairly, often advocating amicable resolution among warring couples.​ A.P Singh and his top divorce lawyers in Noida provide the below-mentioned services. 


  • F.I.R under Dowry Prohibition Act,1961.

  • Case under the protection of women from Domestic Violence Act,2005.

  • Application of anticipatory bail, interim bail, and regular Bail

  • Seek Maintenance under Section 125 CRPC.

  • First information report under section 498A including various sections of Indian penal Code,1860, and guidance to appear before CAW cell.

  • F.I.R quashing before Hon'ble High Court.

  •  Charge sheet quashing before Hon'ble High Court.

  • A petition under Section 13 of Hindu Marriage Act,2005 for contested divorce on grounds such as cruelty, adultery, desertion of more then two years, conversion to another religion, mental disorder.

  • A petition under Section 9 of Hindu Marriage Act,2005

  • The petition under Section 11 of Hindu marriage Act to declare marriage as Null and void on various grounds.

  • Mutual consent petition for divorce under section 28 of Special Marriage Act,1954.

  • Mutual consent petition for divorce under section 13B of Hindu Marriage Act,2005.

  • Application under Section 26 of Hindu Marriage Act,2005 seeking custody of Children.

  • Application under Section 24 of Hindu Marriage Act,2005 seeking maintenance pendente lite and expenses of proceedings.

  • Application under Section 25 of Hindu Marriage Act,2005 seeking permanent maintenance and maintenance.

  • Petition under Section 27 of Special Marriage Act,1954 for contested divorce on grounds such as cruelty, adultery, desertion of more then two years, conversion to another religion, mental disorder.

  • Seeking custody and visitation rights under Guardianship and Ward Act ,1890.

How to seek an appointment with A.P Singh

   1.Book Appointment

  • Book your appointment with A.P Singh by calling us or WhatsApp on +918010666660

    2. Have a consultation

  • Prepare all our questions and queries with respect to your case. 

  • Collect all relevant documents with you at the time of the consultation with A.P Singh.

  • Discuss your case at every length and share each fact of your case with A.p Singh in a detailed manner.

  • If a new query arises even after consultation then calls A.P Singh over his contact number.

What is the divorce process in Noida ?

Divorce is the only option between the few parties whose marriage had irretrievably broken and it is practically and emotionally dead. The Hindu Marriage Act,1955, The Special Marriage act,1954, Indian Christian Marriage Act,1892, and Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act,1939 are codified law deals in Divorce cases. The District family court for Noida is situated at Surajpur District Court, Greater Noida. Divorce consists of two kinds.

  1. Mutual Divorce

  2. Contested divorce          

The mutual divorces process is much easier and shorter than a contested divorce. In mutual Divorce, both parties file the first motion and second motion joint petition before the concerned family court which takes approx six months but in the case of a contested divorce which is filed by one party, takes a long time depending upon facts, merit and evidence of the case. 

  1. The mutual Divorce process in Noida 

  • Draft settlement deed in respect of permanent alimony/maintenance, joint bank account or property, and child custody/visitation rights.

  • Divorce by mutual consent for dissolution of marriage as the First motion divorce petition under Section 13B of Hindu Marriage Act,1956 and under Section 28 of the Special Marriage Act,1954 can be filed along with the settlement by both parties before the family court on the grounds that both have been living separately for one year or more. 

  • The court shall record both parties statements at the first motion date of hearing,

  • As provided in sub-section (2) of Section 13(b) on the motion of both parties made not earlier than six months after the date of the presentation of the petition referred to in sub-section (1).

  • The Family courts after the presentation of the second motion which is six months after the first motion shall record the statement of both parties and pass a decree of divorce declaring marriage to be dissolved with effect from the date of the decree.

2.The Contested Divorce process in Noida 

The Contested divorce unlike mutual divorce is long and time-consuming and shall be filed on various grounds as mentioned in the statute. There is no specific time for contested divorce as each case is dependent upon facts, evidence, grounds, merits, and demerits. The grounds for a contested divorce are mentioned below-

  • Adultery,

  • Insanity,

  • Cruelty (Mental)

  • Cruelty (Physical)

  • Renounced the world,

  • conversion to other religion

  • Desertion for more than two years,

  • Suffering from a venereal and incurable form of leprosy,

  • has not been heard of as being alive for a period of seven years or more.

Where divorce can be filed ?

The petition of divorce can be filed or presented before family courts within the local limits of whose ordinary civil jurisdiction -

  • the marriage ceremony organized,

  • the respondent. at the time of filing the petition, resides, or,

  • both parties last resided together,

  • In case wife is petitioner, where is residing on the date of filing of the petition,

What is the cost of divorce in Noida ?

The fees at A.P Singh sir office one of the  divorce lawyer in Noida is different according to facts of the case.  The fees of mutual divorce and contested divorce is different.  The contested divorce fees is purely depended upon its facts and merits. 

Feel free to contact Advocate A.P Singh and his team if you are searching Divorce lawyer in Noida, Delhi, Seeking child custody, seeking a mutual divorce, seeking a contested divorce, seeking maintenance or defending maintenance, marriage annulment,  representing divorce cases before High Courts and Supreme Court.

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